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 Ground Fighting

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michael kinnett

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PostSubject: Ground Fighting   Tue May 27, 2008 1:57 am

Well, I've been pondering this post for a little while, debating how I should approach it. I decided a discussion would probably benefit my purpose the most.

So lately several of us at the Laughing Monkey have been playing on the ground a lot, seeing what works for us, what doesn't, and just figuring out more things for ourselves. Not to mention it is a hell of a lot of fun because you can just about go full-out and everyone can walk away without anything too serious wrong with them. Our family style is quite dangerous in it's simplicity, and I don't wanna have to kick any of my brothers in the knee, private areas, gouge out their eyes or anything else similar to those things just to get the training I need.

So my discussion is that I wanted to hear all of your approaches to ground fighting. Do you train it? If so what kind of things do you train for; sport, self-defense, fun, etc,.? What strengths and weaknesses do you have on the ground? Also if you don't train on the ground or ever plan to, feel free to state your opinions of why.. I see this as a means to gain more understanding of why we train what we train, and what works for us when we do it.

I personally see the ground game as another facet of fighting that we all have either been faced with in our lives, or run the risk of in the future. Training on the ground for me as always been a comfortable thing to do, as I started wrestling at 6 years-old. Granted it's not the same, but the training really did help overall in my lifetime for defending myself.

Right now in my stage of training what I am basically doing with my Sifu and brothers at the Laughing Monkey is just figuring out what works for me in every position on the ground we can think of. In a way we have taken to it in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu point of view since so many people see MMA now as a legitimate fighting sport(not art). People have become obsessed with JJ or BJJ as being one of the best fighting styles, and I just don't see it that way.

As I begin to gain a very small amount of understanding of my style, I'm starting to see more and more applicability in any area of fighting. Whether I am in striking distance or not, in the clench, or on the ground, I see nothing but value from what we learn, and all that it's taken to see any of it is just opening my mind a little at a time. I'm taking everything I can think of that's in my kung fu and working with it on the ground, and let me tell you, I'm beginning to be baffled by how simple everything really is overall.. When I wasn't training with the Ng Family, I thought of fighting as being very simple. You engage in combat, the guy who walks away wins. Then I had this immense amount of material thrown my way showed me that combat is SO MUCH more complex than I thought, because people know a vast amount more than I could ever learn unless I train to do it.

Recently I've started to see again that fighting isn't as complex as I once thought it was.. It's relatively simple, as long as you're willing to make it. I'm beginning to believe that if I knew maybe 20 total techniques, I could win a fight standing, in the clench, or on the ground. Hell, I'd be willing to bet I could get the job done in a closet, or any other unpredictable spot a fight could take place, as long as I can train those techniques to work for me in every way.

I'm just trying to feed my mind with this post, the more I think about this stuff, the better I train, harder I train, and more efficient I can make my own training. For me that is by far the most important thing, achieving my goals as simply as possible. We always quote our teachers as they all say the same thing "There are only so many ways to beat someone up.", and that's true, I'm just beginning to realize how much they are right. A punch is still a punch, whether you're standing or on your back, the difference is playing with it enough to figure out your limitations and applying all of the principles you've learned while standing.

Haha, sorry for the long post, I could go on forever actually sbout this stuff.. Please, everyone who reads post, something, anything, fuel the fire as much as you'd like. Sifu Eckart showed us a quote today, it went something like this, "Civilize the mind, make savage the body"- Mao Ze Dong, and this is exactly what I'm trying to get done.
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PostSubject: Re: Ground Fighting   Mon Jun 02, 2008 3:24 am

WOW...a long post, but nice none of the less! Great discussion topic. I've seen these types of discussions all throughout the internet world, so I'm going to offer some input on my part.

Ever sense I got nearly choked out on the ground with a bigger and stronger guy (which was my fault; during the confrontation, I threw him twice and then thought to myself that he wasn't as tough as I previously thought and decided to clinch up with him when he came charging the last time, thinking I could "take him"...bad choice! LOL) Luckily I had friends there and things didn't escalade but he had some ground game from all the wrestling and actual street fights he had been into that he took control quick and was in his relm. That's been many years ago but it taught me a very valuable lesson and I had to discuss the aspect of ground combat with my teacher and older brothers (thanks again Shane for all the info) and started to play around with it.

I train for complete self-defense and to do the simplest things in order to get back into a comfortable setting for my personal self. I'm not much into control, as the styles I've trained in don't really try to control anything or anybody (at least not in the sense I'm trying to describe). I think the drunken style has plenty of ground combat tactics ya just have to apply the hard training in order to achieve the abilities AND the Bagua has some nice techniques that deal with some grappling that I really like and try to drill. Cross training with into some of the BBJ has helped in some understaning of their tactics but I basically just wanted an overview of the way they try to handle things and that's all I really took from it. I basically just try doing what works and hopefully am able to pull it off if/when I'm in another situation on the ground. So far, I've been pretty fortunate with my results so hopefully it'll keep going that way.

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Ground Fighting
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