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 What would YOU do???

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PostSubject: What would YOU do???   Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:03 pm


Discussion time!!!

Let's take a theoritical situation and see what plays out. Let's say a person does a one - two combination on you. 1st reaction, do you check and not retaliate or do you defend yourself with throw, locks, or strikes? This is a broad subject and I'm interested in what "YOU" would do in situation if you had the mind frame to make up that decision in that split second.

C'mon now guys...tear down this wall and let's get talking....
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PostSubject: the ol one two   Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:38 am

I am not being a smart aleck at all, but my first answer was to not be there for the combo.

With one, two, I suppose you mean a jab with a power punch? Are we assuming they land? Because if the right person is striking one strike could end the fight.

...but if someone launched the 'ol one, two combo, through some advice and training, I would say footwork is your solution here.

I suppose I would attempt to handle it in the wing chun fashion, ala fox step to the flank and launch a pounding palm to the temple or mandible wall, folding to an elbow strike.

If landed that should put the foe out, but still no need to stop. I would probably continue with a barrage of chain punches until they hit the ground and after.

This is in an ideal situation.

This is just one approach and it doesn't involve trapping.

...of course, I have not mastered the iron palm, but am getting there.

Fa Jing, baby!
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PostSubject: Re: What would YOU do???   Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:31 am

Good theoritical situation Jeff. For me it depends on the "Intent" of the person doing the attack. Is it a buddy that had to much to drink or someone wanting to hurt or kill me or my family?
I've faced this type of attack several times in my life and I've never used the same technique twice because each time the intent of the other person was different, but each time my intent on my response was stronger than theirs. It had to be or I would lose no matter what technique I used.

The key I think is in our training. We condition the body and train the mind, over and over and over again. By doing that we have the frame of mind to make that split second decision on whether to avoid, check, injure, maim, and if need be kill.

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PostSubject: Re: What would YOU do???   

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What would YOU do???
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