Discuss John Winglock Ng's Family Style of Practical Combat Applications, Principles and Concepts
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PostSubject: Integration   Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:05 pm

Are you intergrating your weapons craft with your combatives? When you train use the weapons that you carry; handgun, baton, keychain etc. I see a lot of people/martial artist that say things like, "I'll just shoot you" or "I get him with my spin kick!" Seriously?!? The folks that say they will shoot don't have a gun and the folks that spin kick you fail to consider their actuall ability in combat. We should be ready to shoot, kick, poke, or what ever is avalible to us. We shoud train to become the "holistic warrior!" Be ready with many weapons. Be it the ones we pack or the ones that we find lying around. It's good to see that we incorporate this into our training, and the ones that don't, TRY IT! Always seek professional instructors, critique your self and find your strenghts and weaknesses. Be honest in your training because in combat there is nothing but truth!
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PostSubject: Re: Integration   Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:39 pm

i agree completely ricky. i have found that people that use the shoot first defense, aren't able to draw there carry weapon, let alone use it under stress in a fight. i find that there is one principle that a true "martial" artist should always remember. ANY WEAPON, ONE MIND. basically you should be able to use a phone cord if necessary (i have actually tried this on eric) anyways, to reinterate your point, if you are in a fight and lose your weapon are you going to lose that fight, are you going to be a scuba diver under water who lost his oxygen, fighters should not be limited. excellent thread man.

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