Discuss John Winglock Ng's Family Style of Practical Combat Applications, Principles and Concepts
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PostSubject: Combat   Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:45 am

I wanted to get some discussions started and work my way into a couple of different topics that are on my mind. I figured this would be a good place to start with some ideology’s on combat. This has always been an area that I can’t talk about enough and teach to many different types of people and organizations.
Many of you reading this are readily aware of the scope of training that is practiced within the “Ng Family.” For those that are not, what I’m talking about will set forth a new path for you to walk. I would like to discuss combat on a real and personnel level. I wish to make you think and seek truth in combat. Because, in combat truth is what will save you!
For the practicing martial artist that trains to survive in combat. He/she knows that uncertainty will occur and when there is uncertainty, there is doubt, where there is doubt, there is lapse of action, and then… Defeat. When your life or the life of others is on the line defeat translates to death. This is unexcitable! No matter how hard you hit or high your fighting skill is, a thug armed with a .380 hand gun will kill you 12 ft. away. On the same accord a skill combatant can take the hand gun away at 2 ft. So what should one train to do? The answer is both. Learn to verbally de-escalate, shoot a firearm, learn CQC, learn to treat the wounds sustained, learn to escape… Train for real combat. Do not limit yourself to a single skill set. I can tell you that if you simply stick to one skill set and dot not train for modern combat you will lose.
So, does the *Elite Guard* offer this? Yes we do! We have the scars and experience to prove it. Are we the only ones? Of course not. What I’m trying to stress is we need to expand our parameters and train honestly and train sincerely, not only for our selves but for the ones that depend on us.

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Eric Townsend


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PostSubject: Re: Combat   Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:48 pm

Very well said!!!!! You know years ago when we started putting this all together and seeking outside training and skill sets we knew that it would not be years wasted. You making this statement and stressing the validity of the *elite guard* has made all the hard work and time spent worth every minute and every sleepless night trying to find a way to reach out to those interested in real combat!

You have been there! You know first hand! Each on of us has our own experiences that bring our specialties to the table. That's what makes us family! And you are so right...traditional martial artists seem to focus on training for themselves (as we all use to). Focusing on tournaments, trying to look good doing flashy kicks and flips, gaining trophies, awards, rankings, etc... We now know as we mature in the art, that it is not for self gradification any longer! Our "Families" depend on us to survive, and not just in one on one tradtitional combat..but in all aspects of combat! To not think of combat in this manner and to not apply our skills and training to develop these areas is only letting down our families and our community and our country. And this is why we do what we do!

Again, well said! Thank you Ricky for all you have done, for living it everyday and bringing the truth to the table.

Eric Townsend ***Elite Guard Division***

"...Therefore, I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air. No I beat my body and make it my slave..."
1 Corinthians 9: 25-27
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PostSubject: Re: Combat   Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:00 pm

well said ricky. i believe that what you have said in your introduction is the most observant, down to earth summary of what a true "martial" artist must be.
Our system is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the pride of one man for both of these are the weakness you speak of. it is my belief and i am sure the belief of all of the Elite Guard that humbleness and sincere training are the only true paths to victory. you are absolutely right in the fact that we must always expand our minds. if we are not learning every single day than we are dorment and like a stagnant pool we will only harbor death and dying. it is important that we get together on this, i am looking very much forward to june and seeing all you guys again. this being said i do not want to waste one single second of our time while we are there. it is time that we combine our skill sets and complete the circle that we all have walked for so long. thank you brother for that informative well versed introduction. i will be watching closely for your next post on these topics. stay safe and if you need me you call no matter the time of day or circumstance there of. thanks ricky.


ps. thanks for your advice for my brother. i am happy to announce he is now a sherriff's deputy for taylor co. he will be there in june and he is extremely excited about meeting you. hope to see you and talk with you soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat   Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:41 am

I totaly agree gentleman. One thing I do want to add is Eric, you mentioned "traditional martial artists" which your right, alot of people see it as flashy forms, point sparring, etc. In true context though most people have it wrong. It wasn't until recent times that Traditional ment tournaments. Traditional to me means "principles and concepts" remain the same, but the the way the art is applied changes to fit the times. So in my humble opinion the Elite Guard, by teaching what is needed in todays world is more "traditional" than the schools that claim to be traditional are. Martial Arts does translate to the art of war.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat   

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